mercredi, juin 25, 2008

Sojourners Still

"Children Playing London Bridge," William H. Johnson
It seems, we spend so much time, as a community, worrying about saving our young black males, that we often forget about the young black females. Many of them are just as angry as the young black males that everyone is focusing on. And many of them are being impacted -- greatly -- by the anger of young black males.
~Lynne d Johnson
I had to call attention to this important point, one of many, from Lynne d Johnson's recap of one of the panels in the to be aired as part of CNN's Black in America series. Black girls and women are persistently marginalized, even in their own minds, in public policy and public discourse for the hysteria over the very real threats to Black men. But what about the very real threats to us (some by them)?!?!