vendredi, juin 20, 2008

Sweets in the Streets

Vegan brownie
Originally uploaded by Mitsooko has organized over 700 Bake Sales across the country this Saturday to help fund their efforts to elect Barack Obama, or as I like to call him Barry O. I am baking vegan treats for one of the Fort Greene Bake Sales. So come check it out. I or my sweets will be at the corner of South Elliott Place and Fulton Street, which is just a block down Fulton from Habana Outpost, from 11:30 AM on.

Since I'm a Francophile pining to get back to Paris, I must note how NYC has finally jumped on the Fête de la Musique bandwagon with its inaugural 2nd annual Make Music New York all day free festival happening SATURDAY as well. I've got a few acts I got to check out for work but intend to roam the city pretty willy nilly. Sadly, in Paris me and the crew decided to trail after our French/African homie who had a knack for leading us to parties/performances just as they were dissipating. So our fête was spent on the RER, and the po po's predictably acted a fool damn near hemming me up, thank God for the closing train doors, for taking pictures of them harassing coloreds.

Check the Calendar here. Maybe I missed it, but wouldn't it make more sense to offer the schedule in a matrix format and make it printer-friendly?