mardi, juin 24, 2008

Max Factor

So full disclosure: I stalked Maxwell for 5 minutes. I was on East Houston street. I spotted him in front of Indochine. Some chick he knew and her friend stopped to say hello. He stopped and greeted her. Her friend offered her hand in introduction, he kissed it. He's just that type of guy (he's also tall unlike your average celebrity). So I followed him down Elizabeth street and telephoned/texted many. I stopped around Café Habana when I regained my senses.

In the dry spell since his last release, I've heard rumors that he worshipped the devil and required all his dates to submit to tarot readings. I've also heard rumors that he was gay. Let it be known that whether he be gay or straight, a devil-worshiper, Christian, Sufi or Buddhist, folk are pining for good soul music. Compared to the staid and so so Rev. Al Green covers by Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton, two talented performers in their own right, Maxwell murdered "Simply Beautiful" tonight on the BET Awards and reminded me so much of his absence. Cococure! More on the BET Awards at VIBE.

Update. The video of Maxwell's performance below:

Pic Source: Concrete Loop