jeudi, mai 22, 2008

Chef Sucks

Photo Credit: Minxeats, which has a great recap, with annotated screen caps, of last night's ep.

As I told my bud E.B. and later my sis, I don't think Dale would have got the boot had Tom Colicchio been at the judges table or Gail Simmons for that matter. Tom notoriously brings a chef's technique and history into play and Dale won a lot of challenges and is a fantastically skilled chef who admittedly suffers when paired with idiots and assholes (Spike and Lisa respectively). And although the other team performed well enough, they certainly should have had points deducted for ease of menu and for not being a gastropub. The judges were just lax. They didn't ask enough questions or any of the right questions and they certainly should have interrogate Spike's "I had to hang Buddhas" explanation of his work load. They didn't bring their staff to the judges table to speak freely and reveal who exactly made what, as they have in the past (as my sister noted, Steph sort of lied about the fresh pasta. Would it have been as good if not for the help of Nikki?) Anyway, I'm pretty crushed by Dale's loss although some of my folk felt it was inevitable as Bravo wouldn't let an Asian dude win two years in a row. Anyway, I guess I'm pulling for Steph or Blaze now. I don't care for Antonia and all her little ignorant ass quips about the purported narrowness of Dale's expertise and digs at Asian cuisine. I don't recall her having much breadth to her cooking repertoire; It all seemed pretty American Nouveau to me. She is extra wack.

I encourage you all to go vote for Dale (I just voted for him 10x) as your fan fav so he can win the 10G's. Here is the link.