jeudi, mai 08, 2008

Summer Soft

So Stevie's globe trotting spectacular continues. He's hitting up a variety of venues, across the country in addition to his festival stops. He'll be at Jones Beach, Wednesday, June 18th and tix go on sale Sat. They are pricey as usual and I really shouldn't drop the dough. I would have loved to catch him and Al in N.O. for a much more reasonable $50 but alas it wasn't to be. Can someone book Stevie again at the Apollo or why don't they let him have free reign over Central Park a la Dirty Diana in the rain years ago?!? That would light up my life!

Check out Live Nation or Ticketmaster for additional Stevie dates. They all go on sale on either Fri, Sat or Mon. He'll also be in Auburn on July 11 for my folk in the NW.