mercredi, mai 14, 2008

"Deep, Deep, in the Shag: Bits of Broken Glass You Can Never Get Out"

I needed to loosen so I walked speedily downtown. 'Round about City Hall I called it a an evening, hopped on the R, and still tight, swung by Greene Grape for a bottle. I opted for a red for my heart's sake. Now home, my head's a bowling ball and I don't know if I'll get around to transcribing any tape. Phil squared is all in my head. Their duet doesn't make sense. Shouldn't she have been hard, the most arduous of lovers?

I preferred the caesar to the current dread pony on Mr. Bailey. Ditto that, since we're on the subject, for A.G.

I guess ease suggests deceptiveness but I'd have gone the other way and probably written a bad song but it would have hit the nail on head. That's for sure. George Benson got the me other day too, in a Jesus Juice free state of mind. "Turn Your Love Around"? To whom was that charge directed. A woman of the night? A gold digger? I'm trying to construct a cogent narrative out of it, after it popped up on my iPod one sleepy morning commute and had me confused. There are certainly better allocations of my brain power, I know.

Think on it.