jeudi, avril 26, 2007

Under My Umb-re-lla

My favorite blog, Malefactor, expired some time ago (key in the url to Bloglines to read old posts) and I quite miss it but I have some new favorites:

My Private Casbah: I only became aware of this blog when its author left a comment here about a comment I left on America Blog. The author has a unique vantage point as a disabled woman of color in the south and has got informed and incisive commentary on a wealth of subjects. Here are just a few notable posts:
I Just Told You She's My Sister & Disablism/Ableism & The Problem With "Able-bodied"

Rhymes With Snitch: The first line of blogger That Bitch!'s about me section reads "This is not a fan site" and succinctly explains my affinity for the blog. The author is critical of black celebrity and not just in a "look at her bad weave" or "look at his ashy knuckes" sort of way.

Bossip: They had me at "Blood Diamond Russ," their nickname for Do You! author, noted lisper, coonery champion, misogyny apologist and blood diamond denier Russell Simmons.

Brooklyn Record: Goings on in Brooklyn Zoo.

Konstant Kontact: Listen and learn. I'm particularly partial to the Girls of the World post.

And in parting, I'll quote Kenneth's cousin Jesse upon meeting Tracy Jordan: "I loved honky granny be trippin'"