mercredi, avril 25, 2007

Ah Um

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+All things being equal, I still won't go to this tonight although I'd really like to. Schuller, Cosby (who I still love), Mingus in memoriam... Last check, there were still tix and JALC does that half price rush ticket thing for members.

+All things work together, so I'm offering this heads up: my birthday is exactly 30 days away.

+Always. Just cause the bright warmth makes me feel like I do when I hear that song. Incidentally, last night I broke out into the Cockroach Dance Mania dance at home (I accompanied myself acapella with the theme song). I'd like to bring it back. Never has dancing been so daunting than in NYC where unrealized dance professionals crowd Sputnik and, weather permitting, the crabgrass of Fort Greene park. I know no acrobatics, maneuvers or merengue (albeit instruction from Colombians and Dominicans) and sometimes I get confused during the cha cha slide but I can still dance, right? Dancing is supposed to be democratic. I think it's high time someone stood up to the YouGotServedization of big haired Afro beat friendly BK.