lundi, avril 16, 2007

PC Load Letter

So of course all the printers in my office either ran out of toner or stopped working altogether, as they are prone to do. I have a non-work related project due so I was forced to head to Kinko's before I made my way here. Did you know the f#ckers at Kinko's charge 50 cents a page to print? That's means a 60 page document will cost you 30 dollars. Highway robbery. Not to mention their computers are slow as hell. There was this other guy in there who was so confounded with the pricing that he asked every patron per page printing price 'cause he just couldn't believe the signs. Still baffled he asked a bunch of staff people and even after they confirmed the price, he remained convinced that it was an error. I don't blame him; he had 120 pages to print. That's 60 Kinko dollars. I'm never going back.

In more exciting news, watch Oprah today (when she repeats at 7pm or 1am). She's talking about Imus and rumor has it that a few of my Spelman sisters will be speaking their piece.

And God bless them folk at Virginia Tech.*

* I literally just found out and although I don't know anyone there and I'm emotionally overwhelmed.