dimanche, février 26, 2006

"She said that the pro-black was goin out of style..."

I forgot I used to wear headwraps (or gėlės like Cleopatra Jones and other purists say) but there I stand at 10 Lok Wo Sha Lane with my fellow temporary expats. I feel exceptionally American abroad but not so much that I would ever pledge allegiance to the flag, hence the black fist.

Coming to America is on ("Hello Babar"). This is my 13 thousandth viewing and its still good as hell. I'm thinking of having a "Black Awareness Rally" at the crib. If all goes as planned I will be cooking negro staples: a mac'n'cheese that will knock Ms. Patti's off the yellow brick road (i am by no means encouraging dairy consumption: it is toxic), fluffly cornbread muffins, a sweet potato puree adopted from Gotham Bar & Grill's delectable honey-infused version, barbeque tofu and greens but dammit I need a good vegetarian greens recipe. I'll be exclusively tuned in to Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin for this purpose but I'm soliciting vegetarian greens recipes in the comments.

But that's old news. It's urgent that you see Confederate States of America. It's playing at the IFC center in the village.