mardi, février 21, 2006

"Prevail across the editors of the world!"*

Lady Tigra and Bunny D. (They like the boom.)

I like the cars--the cars that go boom--and select people, places and things. I'd characterize my tastes as discriminating esp. when it comes to people which isn't to say I don't have a tendency to consort with shade sheisters it just means that I know better. And what I know for sure, what I know that I know that I know is that these three are extraordinary.
~"CultureCulture: Conversations in Cultural Criticism" by Danielle "cinematographer/style maven/critic" Jackson

~Master teacher, skilled vocalist, and exceptional spirit Dr. Kyra Gaunt's phenomenal new book The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double Dutch to Hip-hop.

~"Remote Couture: The New 'Face' of Contemporary Television" an incisive new PopMatters column by unassuming genius, Courtney Young. And I will take this time to wish the Lafayette-bred star a supercalifragilisticespialadocious birthday. Thank you for being a friend!
* From "To Black Women", Gwendolyn Brooks, To The Diaspora