lundi, février 13, 2006

Much More

the opposite of "microwave popcorn ass"* disposable hip hop. i can chart the past decade of my life to his creativity. "much more" had me at the jeffrey osborne(LTD) sample: i damn near wore out the vinyl in '03. it was but one of many dilla orchestrations to open up my fucking chest. funny, i never cared for his lyricism or lack thereof but still couldn't turn the music off. that's how compelling it was. "fall in love" and "two can win" make me genuinely euphoric, "stakes is high" rouses my 15 year old radical self, "stressed out" transports me to my darkest days in boarding school, "reminisce" is, quite simply, my shit, and "last donut" brings tears to my eyes. God bless.

And the starz are out tonight...

*paraphrased primo from the opening ad lib to "mm"