jeudi, mai 10, 2007

Carcasses & Caricatures

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A lot of people have posted it to dig but I like this pic. She looks happy.

Mainstream Black music coverage and consumption can often concern itself with carcasses and caricatures; old Black sounds and subjects that recall more peculiar times- not the institution but its detritus, and impetus for that matter. I will someday attempt to articulate what I have observed and experienced* but at present Kandia Crazy Horse brilliantly elucidates the other C+C music factory via Joss (who I detest), Lily (on whom I have no opinion) and Amy (who I very much enjoy). Here's a teaser:
White artists' love and theft of black expression, as ratified by the Elvis phenomenon, remains the primary cultural battleground in the aughties — don't get it twisted.
For more check the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Thanks to Larry-bob for the heads up!

*My affinity for Amy is proof that I am not immune to this pattern of consumption just aware.

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