mardi, septembre 11, 2007

"i'm a lady with bundles"*

i'm back. i was west. my days were packed full as i don't make it out there often and when i do i'm not there long. i had a good time and saw a lot of people but i'm exhausted. more exhausted than usual. trying not to drink coffee to survive as it's not healthy and i'm paranoid about my complexion. i was straight during puberty but now my skin is the worst. it's disorienting. i never had problem skin so i don't know how to deal it nor do i wear makeup to mask it. hoping it's not stress related or sleep related as i can't foresee my stress decreasing or my sleep increasing. on the way to lax me and kristel lamented our big city lives. our friends everywhere else all have houses and condos and disposable income. i'm broke. it's not fun. i'm an independent woman and i mean that in the pre-DC sense. i don't like asking Anyone for Anything (except for ms. julie and aisha and i feel inept and indulgent for that). moneylessness is disempowering in the worst way. this was just a whine. real posts (here and there) coming soon...

*Rich Pryor in sketch