jeudi, mars 29, 2007

drunk by myself


I stopped by Astor Wine & Spirits this evening to pick up another bottle of this lovely biodynamic French wine I tried last week but they were sold out so I picked up two Cabernet Sauvignons, an Australian and an Argentinian. The latter I uncorked earlier this evening since I'm trying to do a glass of red wine a few times a week for reasons of health but my tolerance is shot. One glass and I'm giggly. Two and I'm in a very bad way. It's embarassing. My roommate came home from a weeklong stretch in a swiss chalet (must be nice) and I laughed hysterically at her every phrase none of which were the least bit jokey. I am also quite certain that my voice was immodulated. Not a good look or a hood look: just wierd. I'm thinking a shot of wheatgrass in the morn might be a more appropriate course of action. Word 'em up. I heard 'em frontin'.

I should add that yesterday I wished some very bad things upon my new neighbor and her loud single digit spawn but by evening's end I had remorsefully chatted her up in the hallway and made goo goo faces at her child. We are now buds. I am a good person after all.

And Monday marks the beginning of my get right by my birthday diet. Good people, please do not tempt me.