mercredi, avril 04, 2007

Blue in Green

I don't often post about fashion; it's declined in importance since I inadvertently assumed a vow of poverty by moving to NYC. As the Drum Major Institute's recent study indicates you got to make 6 figures to live a middle class lifestyle in NYC and as someone who makes significantly less than that I've had to cut out the luxuries. No more Saks. No more Barney's CO-OP. No new clothes every month. No new shoes. In fact, even the good shit that I have-Tocca, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Nanette Lepore, Versace, Alice + Olivia (my favorite clothing line for the past 3 years), Bally, Katayone Adeli-doesn't get much play 'cause I'm a straphanger and stuntastic outfits are not suited for the inner city commute. Handcrafted leather shoes deteriorate quickly, floor dusting trousers accumulate grime, cute clutches can't accomodate the subway essentials, i.e. iPod to block out the crazies aural attacks, book/magazine to block the crazies' attempts at eye contact. But for some reason today I contemplated the beautiful things I can no longer afford (I so should have stuck with Finance) and ventured to the Barney's website, which now has a retail function where just a few years ago it was strictly informative. How time has passed. I found these beautiful flats by my absolute favorite design house, Costume National. I've got some beautiful boots by them nestled with other designer shoes that rarely see the light of day in my underbed storage. I want these so badly. They are unpretentiously stylish, simple but compelling, my favorite hue of blue, and perfect for late spring and summer.

costume national
And the price on these blue stunners: $490.00 tax excluded. Yep. Yep. I may have to embrace prosperity ministry this holy week.