lundi, janvier 02, 2006


"Discipline doesn't work: The challenge with discipline is that it is a technique to rid desire, but discipline is based on desire. When someone says, "I have discipline," what they often mean is that they are experienced at taking one desire and making it stronger than another. Not that this doesn't get the job done. In fact, discipline often does works, temporarily. However, discipline will ultimately always let us down because one day (for some people, many days) we'll have a desire that can't be trumped. Often when discipline failed me I used these two questions:
1) What do I feel must happen in order for me to be myself?
2) What do I feel has already happened that is preventing me from being myself?"

~Dhrumil Purohit
While I'm here let me wish us fulfillment, contentment, peace, health, and wealth in the coming year and always. Let's (re)commit to being ourselves. Love.

And Rob Brezny says:
"In 2006, you will have the power and opportunity to translate something you're good at into a brand new sphere."