vendredi, décembre 02, 2005

Ain't This About Some Shit

By Kevin Turner

A MAN has been acquitted of sexual assault after medical evidence that he suffers from a condition called sexsomnia.

Jan Luedecke, 33, was asleep when he started having sex with the woman,and did not know what was happening.

He only suspected he had had sex when he went to the toilet and discovered he was wearing a condom.

Luedecke, a landscaper, met the woman at a party where they both drank a lot. She fell asleep on a sofa and woke up to find him having intercourse with her. Luedecke said he had fallen asleep on the same sofa.

Sleep expert Dr Colin Shapiro told a court in Toronto,Canada,that Luedecke suffers from sexsomnia - sexual behaviour during sleep brought on by alcohol, sleep deprivation and genetics.

The court heard that Luedecke, who admitted having sex during his sleep with four girlfriends, is cutting down on his drinking and taking medication.

The Crown has 30 days to present its appeal.

What's next? Lynchomnia?