lundi, août 29, 2005

Hypnotiq 'fore Henny...

the temple of my unfamiliar

I would quit but I love to dance. I have a corner apt. with lots of windows so sashaying 'round these parts is out of the question. It's the closest thing to a glass house I have ever seen and I fear people would throw stones. The likelihood of this is slim to none but fear isn't logical although I claim to be.

I like to dance in the middle of the dancefloor. My everyone else likes to profile or lounge on the perimeter. Not the kid.

I have retired from grindin'. Well, to be honest I occasionally break out a courtesy grind just 'cause fools are so desperate for genital contact and I feel sorry for mothers who taught them better. I also have too much respect for the kinetic back arching alchemy of so many colored women to come incorrect (Lupe Fiasco's line on "Touch The Sky" is ringing in my ears; Shakira's VMA* performance, dancing across my retinas.)

I am not the fake-id-flashing, Kaya-frequenting kid I once was. Do not grab my arm. I don't respond to gruff tugs. I have no beef with you. I just would rather dance with myself. I have my own rhythm, my own relationship with the beat which, too often, you don't respect.

I used to hate Cameo. It was that wack shit that came on KFOX or came on the TV when I wanted to hear Debbie Gibson or New Edition. But these days excepting a lil' Nore "Superthug" flashback or this, or inexplicably, Mr. Cheeks sparkler "Lights Camera Action" Maze, MJ, Chaka and even Cameo order my two steps. In a minute I'm a be at the grown folks table playing Bid Whist, talking 'bout hair coloring, spouting 'boy I tell ya's' and 'lawd have mercy's, the taste of candied yams on my tongue.
...Naw nigga that's a chaser.
Cutting of rugs being the subject I should say that Diddy aka VMA host par mediocrity was on some Neil Diamond/David Copperfield shit, for real. Krumpers/Clowners and MC Hammer held it down (Hammer should make a tape like Billy Blanks or Darrin. I would buy it). Jamie was jumping around reminiscing his overenthusiastic AMA "Slow Jamz" performance with 'Ye and Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s Academy Award coonery. I think he is on drugs. M dot got so much things to say but per her her real time commentary on my voicemail, some insight on the Luda/Bobby V performance. And to Bishop Magic Don Juan: "It's hard out there for a pimp" not "It's hard for a pimp out there." Tighten down on the lag time. Before I forget, Sway, lotion your elbows, please.
When Lil Scrappy crossed paths with labelmates Green Day, the rapper went right in for the gold. "We need to hook it up," he told Billie Joe Armstrong. "You guys should give me a beat."

"Leave your number with my publicist," the frontman replied.

"We met Mr. Scrappy, we saw the boys in Good Charlotte — we've seen a lot of gold teeth," Billie Joe said later. "And some pimp cups and the Ying and the Yang," bassist Mike Dirnt added.

And a lil somethng from my fav band Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz:

"I held off an interview to get a photo with Ice-T, and I was asking him, "'What about Body Count?'" Wentz laughed. "Body Count is awesome. Without them, Fall Out Boy probably wouldn't be a band."(excerpted from MTV news VMA wrap-up)
And the difference between Scrappy and Stepin Fetchit is that the latter was a self-conscious buffoon.
No concealing. No ceiling. I don't need a roof, roof. Act up. Get out. I don't need you. Poof, poof. Be gone. Damn, tough luck. Dag, duh, dag. Niggas still doing puff, puff, pass.

Listen, homeboy, move on. That's your best bet. Why is that? Cuz...
I'm gone.