mercredi, juin 03, 2009

The Listening: "Soul Clap"


Early this morn, A.G., of Showbiz & A.G. fame, took part in the Roots Jam Session at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. The veteran Bronx emcee was accompanied by two equally light skinned (I don't know about their hair) hype men and performed a song off of the new Jay Stay Paid album. I sat at my balcony table frightened. I was concerned that in his cornrowed and grown stance he might just pass on performing stellar throwbacks for his new shit.

And then the Roots crew and guests segued into "Soul Clap" and I hopped up, cupped my palms together in appropriate frequency and commenced to rapping most every line. I was never as fastidious about memorizing lyrics as boys still are so I tripped up a few times. Despite my euphoria, I noticed that few others were on my level. There was barely a head nod in the sea of folk below. I mean, I guess they're young and I'm not mad at them for being born later but it just didn't feel right to hear something so spectacular and foundational fall on dumb ears.

I'm also linking "Next Level" 'cause when and where I make it, whatever shape that takes, I will ascend whatever rostrum/dais to "Brothers can't believe how the skills have gotten." Not to mention, I've always thought it would make a good ring tone. (The video was the business too. Ain't it make New York look appealing?)

"Soul Clap" [MP3]
Showbiz & A.G.

"...Black music is Black music and it's all good." - Common

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