jeudi, juillet 26, 2007


Rethinking my opposition to capital punishment after listening to Part 1 of Laura Sullivan's important 2-part series on rape, murder and indigenous women e-mailed to the masses by Ned Sublette. According to Sullivan's piece, which was sparked by an Amnesty International Report, non-indigenous men are raping and murdering indigenous women at unheard of numbers with virtually no impunity. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has no authority over non-native people and the federal government doesn't care leaving indigenous women's lives circumscribed by the LIKELIHOOD of rape and torture. It's abominable. Indigenous American peoples' reservations are playgrounds for rapists and murderers. Per a glance at Amnesty International's report the suggested step to "take action" is by urging "Congress to improve safety and justice for Native American and Alaska Native women." That's all well and good but given the U.S. government's history with these peoples, I don't place much faith in them and what of the women who are being raped and murdered now! They can't wait on legislation or increased allocations, which as they stand now will add 50 total police officers total. Yes, indigenous women's lives are that motherfucking cheap. I'm interested in what concerned indigenous peoples, women, and their allies are doing. If people are suffering now, they need help now, not when the US government decides to change their genocidal policies towards the indigenous and by extension the most vulnerable of their populations, women and children. When I get home, I will research what concerned people are doing for these people but if anyone has any relevant information, please advise. The outrage must translate into action. I mean, I'm so appalled, vigilantism is starting to sound more and more viable.

I recommend Laura Sullivan's April report on the subject as well.