lundi, janvier 23, 2006

We did it, Seattle!

"The Indian dance to bring our reign back?": Seattle defensive tackle
Rocky Bernard steps over fallen Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme.
Bernard sacked Delhomme twice in the game.

Full disclosure: One week ago at the Philly Hilton, an amiable new acquaintance, upon learning that I was from , said, "You must be proud of the hometeam." I replied, "The Seattle Supersonics? Not a fan. I've always preferred the Trailblazers. The Supersonics never fail to dissapoint." The hotel room erupted in laughter. "No, honey, I mean the ," she explained, at which point I inquired, "What are they doing good this season or something?" I was then brought up to speed by a bunch of east coasters about the Pacific Northwest's pigskin supremacy (NorthWESSYDE!). They were patient and kind enough not to correct my use of Supersonics, the long since truncated name of our punk ass basketball team (excepting the dreamy Ray Allen) but quickly, overwhelmed by my obliviousness, changed the conversation to local hotspots. My point is: I don't know the name of one player on the Seahawks roster. I am a fairweather fan (now I got that damn Johnny Gill song stuck in my head) and I'm shamelessly crunk-up-on our team's February 5th prospects and how said victory could forbode for Seattle's underachieving and overlooked sons and daughters. A Superbowl win could be "the Indian dance to bring our reign back" or "in", really, iniating a much pined for Emerald City era.