mercredi, janvier 18, 2006

"I'm Not An Addict..."

"'s cool. I feel alive."

Since today is the 16th anniversary of former DC mayor Marion Barry saying, "Damn bitch set me up!" I might as well call attention to Marion Barry's recent relapse. While I believe in miracles, you & me, God, forgiveness, redemption, I don't believe in politicians, esp. junkie politicians, esp. black junkie politicians who manipulate the black public with salient but misappropriated race rhetoric to save their sorry black behinds. And despite Kanye's tireless efforts on behalf on the chipmunk-cheeked I don't believe in turning the other cheek. Swollen jowls just don't appeal to me. I'm far enough from heaven to believe in second chances but they should be doled out prudently (i.e., I, for example, should always be forgiven for whatever transgression you project onto me. Perception--too often someone else's--is reality).

On the subject of integrity and black leadership I must address The Boondocks MLK Jr. Episode. Up until today I hadn't seen any episodes. From what I'd heard The Boondocks is buffoonery (albeit with satirical intent) but the brief clip discussed on Nightline got me thinking esp. Aaron McGruder's comment that there wouldn't be space for MLK Jr. in the contemporay context like literally MLK Jr. spoke to slow for contemporary televised punditry. Anyway it was not in King's spirit to Cosbyficate but The Boondocks has a point, he'd probably be dissapointed.

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