mercredi, septembre 21, 2005

She looks like a Vegetarian

Brazilian soccer legend will not aid in pronunciation
of 2nd & 3rd syllables of pictured artist's South African name.

Ce soir, I strode into SOB's right on time for Goapele's ascent to the stage but 45 minutes past when I was s'posed to meet dear one who relying on brief Oaktown songstress encounter at Joe's last week and fortuitous hint at shoulder graze at SOB's that night pronounced aforepictured artist an herbivore and dear one's unbeknownst betrothed. "Nymphesque!" decried dear one after laying eyes on her face. I concur. She's tiny but strangely elongated. Not stubby at all just small like she's s'posed to be not like heavy-eyed dem.

I don't think I'm s'posed to be but apparently it's a increasingly popular subtractive aim among my demographic. La Paresse, l'épuisement and good ole fashioned edge-consciousness have halted obsessive compuslive Jack Palance-ation which will recommence for svelte stunterie in time for grand yet undetermined New Year's plans.

The spock-eared vocalist's dimples glitter even when she isn't smiling. How refreshingly bizarre! "Closer" endeared me to her even though her caseless cd lays scratched and abandoned somewhere on my hardwood floors. She's got plenty get right and gut enough to sweetly serenade but she's almost awkward on stage. Not Ashanti goofy. Dissimilar vein. She could benefit from a choreographer --no!-- a movement specialist to expand possibilty of motion and get her body as comfortable in the atmosphere as her voice.