mercredi, septembre 14, 2005

Bottleshaped Body Like Mrs. Butterworth

I realized getting my master's was a waste of time...I really wanted to be the girl on the back of the mudflaps.*

You're enormously popular among the right sort of people.**
+We ecstatic about Roll Bounce. Malcolm D. Lee came through with Undercover Brother and I have no reason to believe he will fail me now. Either way, Bellevue Skate King & Graveyards are eternally what's up.

+We are also very excited about A Soldier's Play which is featuring a really talented actor, Nelsan Ellis, who was finishing up at Juilliard when I was multiculturing their programs.

+And we are once again humbled by the other womb and the most published HBCU professor Dr. Gloria Wade Gayles who conceived, spearheaded and drives SIS and is committed to nurturing young black women and telling our stories. Dr. G and my Spelman sisters have a SIS blog and a Katrina blog. Yes. We love Spelman and backstory Dr. G. is some of how I got to Spelman. My father gave me Rooted Against the Wind when I was a hs frosh or soph can't recall. Got my mind set on Spelman for real esp. after reading about her Images of the Women in the Media class which the equally celestial Dr. Tarshia Stanley took over by the time I got there. My 8th grade advisor Kathleen Mahler gave me Johnetta's Conversations: Straight Talk With America's Sister President but prior to that I was an enthusiastic adherent to the Cosby ethic (aka talented tenthism) as well as a devotee of
A Different World. Wonderful respite from lifelong only black girldom except in the rare providential occasion there were 2. The rest is herstory. A beautiful one too. Should note Johnetta Cole and them over at Bennett are responding swiftly to the Katrina crisis. Spelman's taking students too. Donate to their fund or Oxfam or Habitat for Humanity the efforts of MXG but maybe not The Red Cross. Ain't nobody see them helping folk in N.O., they were shade sheist after 9/11 and they are def in bed with our corrupt administration.

+Listening to Raheem Devaughn while reading The Game (yes i n i bought it) is a very wierd experience.
The Game is fantastically intriguing manipulative manual of lame tricks for every lame man/boy's imbedded lamosity. The Love Experience a fantastically magical tome of endearment. Yes I was deep in REM. I'd liken the Devaughn/Strauss mash-up to when by wonders of incongruity "You & I" trails "Xxplosive" on your iPod's shuffle mode or "Flipside" feauturing Freeway's not so gentle seductive bark "Pull down your jeans bitch" precedes "Posession." or better yet the goosebumpy "Protection." Must Repeat. Wierd.

*commercial seen on Comedy Central
**Kurt Vonnegut to Jon Stewart on
The Daily Show