jeudi, juin 16, 2005

What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day

"Bass drop out"

Normalcy is overrated. Sunday Q, M dot, & I pondered what the world would look like if we all admitted to each other that we have problems. I can't imagine it and I am a little too afraid to try. Superhonest people, shameless people, fearless people scare me. I'm as strangely attracted to them as I am repulsed. The truth is really ugly sometimes and lies are almost always beautiful.

I perform erryday as much for other people as for myself so maybe Lauryn is seven steps ahead of the pack. I'll admit she's wounded; that's obvious. I won't ever forget her vacant eyes during the DCBP. It was really disturbing especially since I have a wierd admittedly obsessive onesided relationship with her. Remember how those Romanian kids would pass out when MJ performed? (Or how those diehards ecstatically sobbed and shook when he was pronounced not guilty? Yes, I did hop twice and exclaim once as the verdict was announced. Thriller is my MJ prize.) Well my fandom exhibits that same intensity, without the fainting. She's managing her burdens: womanhood, motherhood, and a triflin' abusive negro affliction the best she can. 'Clef fucked with her head, that is on record but I been hearing that Rohan "I am legally married to another woman" Marley who in the spirit of his Rita-beating father is laying the smack down physically since we already been know he's been battering her psyche. Say it ain't so. I am not into kicking people while they're down. I'm with Amel on this one. I know L's down I just want to know when she's getting up.

"You will RIZE"

This isn't an audioblog nor does it pretend to be. It's just me. But I uploaded some Amel from Bravebird. Amel is slick with her shit and insightful about womanhood and its trippy trappings. These two songs seem like appropriate soundtracks for this bootleg rumination.

Giving Something Up

All I Got