vendredi, juin 17, 2005

Luck of Lucifer

Granny Goeppert

Oh, luck luck will drive you...

Lady luck: Lottery player wins twice

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Some people seem to have all the luck. Just ask Donna Goeppert.

Earlier this year, she won $1 million playing a Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off ticket, then turned around and won another million-dollar jackpot last week.

"What are the odds of that?" the 55-year-old woman said, calling her good fortune "just unbelievable."

The odds of winning just once are 1.44 million-to-1, according to state lottery officials.

The odds of winning twice vary depending on how many tickets are scratched.

Lehigh University professor Bob Storer placed the odds of winning twice at 419 million-to-1, if 100 tickets are played.

Goeppert's win in January allowed her to pay off her mortgage and her children's mortgages, buy a new Cadillac and save money for her grandchildren's education.

She purchased her most recent winning ticket for $20.

Lottery officials confirmed Goeppert has filed a claim for the jackpot, which will take four to six weeks to verify.

The devil doesn't need an advocate and hell's nonexistence precludes the onset of Fahrenheitian 32's but damn it all. Everybody else is getting money but me. In addition to Granny Goeppert my beloved peoples, Lafayette Slim, with whom I travailed LLC1, GS, Tuck, and NYU (except she graduated on time) won the lotto again. Short of Mega Millions by a hair she won a couple g's before and yesterday I picked up my cell (currently dead until M dot gets to town with the charger I sleep deprivationally/inebriately left at her apt. to catch an AM flight to BK) and learned Slim had did it again. I'm happy for her. After enduring unimaginably inconsiderate houseguests while achingly sick, she was subject to an eery assault in broad daylight, so if anybody deserved it she did. Granny's good fortune, on the other hand, just makes me mad. My life's goal has and will continue to be winning the lottery and this Depends covergirl goes and wins it twice. So if I sound bitter with envy, please blame it on the son of the morning.