lundi, juin 06, 2005

...and the living is easy

alter exterior

"Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?"

Prefix's Summer Concert Guide, comprehensive schedule of NYC free summer concerts aka what I live (here) for, is up. Kinda dissapointed with Summerstage although the jazz offerings are enticing: Pharaoh Sanders & Cassandra Wilson in particular. I adore Cassandra Wilson. In fact so much so that although I know (well actually I'm hoping therapy will help me reach this foregone conclusion) that God doesn't make mistakes and I am perfect just the way that I am, if I could look like any other person in the world it would be her. That's an unqualified statement. She's four years younger than my mother but I'd trade skins with her today. She's glamoured. Lauryn Hill is the only other exterior I covet and if assumed I promise I wouldn't be so tortured in it.

To bring it back, Ft Greene Park is where its at. BCC & Omar: Crazy! I will head uptown to see Kindred for the millionth time cause they're the truth. I'll probably check Dar Williams at Madison Square Park on the strength of "I Will Not Be Afraid of Women" a song me, l, and cheryl swirly girled to in her midtown atl apartment in between sun stroked stints across the street at Music Midtown. (PS If all goes well I'll be round those parts friday for VIBE Music Fest.)

Oh yeah and I want to be in a iPod commercial. Does anybody know how to make that happen? I want to dance hard to Gift of Gab's "Just What Can Happen." Blackalicious has been making a lot of noise on the commercial scene, with "Way of the Light" and all so this wouldn't be too out of character. I'll also bust to "Congo" or "Giving Something Up" and if those are too old I'll settle for "Go" or "Gotcha." Since big crazy hair is necessary for silhouetted iPod dancers I promise to trash my assortment of hot combs and flatirons for the shoot. I think Kris would be good in the commercial too if she's not busy snapping pics of herself. She could vary her hair flinging white girl dance with the Josephine Johnny of her native land. Steve Jobs, what up?!

[edit-I'm gonna add Gabrielle Union to the list of epiderma I would inhabit. I'd keep my hair though. I suspect she doesn't have any and her weaves are messed up but with a face like that it really doesn't matter.]