mardi, mars 15, 2005

God Bless Your Life

Muchas, muchas, muchas, gracias et merci beaucoup to Biz Markie's Disposition for putting me on to Nobody's Smiling (except for Jay Hov.) Streaming from this site is one of my favorite songs and videos of all time which I was starting to believe was a product of my active imagination. I can't seem to find a CD with this version on it and it tremendously outclasses the remix on the collection, From Illmatic to Stillmatic: The Remixes. It ranks up there with "Silent Treatment" (Black Thought's '87 You And Yours Mix) in quantity of joules (Look it up in your high school science text books. Know-it-alls, don't e-mail me correcting my usage; I'm quite comfortable with malaprops.) They took it back to 1994 when I was a ponytailed young'n in Seattle repping the Lakeside Middle School Student Government Association and the YPD Allen Stars. AME'ers stand up! Anyway the smile-inducing video is the hard to find The World is Yours (Remix) by God's Son himself, Nasir Jones.
And yes, Nas topped the classic original, at least in my opinion, it's bright, edgy, uptempo, grimy, mischevious, reflective.... The beat's renovated as are the second verse, a few words and phrases here and there and the chorus is tweaked to perfection.

The second verse:
To my man Ill Will, God bless your life
To my peoples throughout Queens, God bless your life
My insight enlights vision
Words of wisdom, niggaz pay me intuition
To listen, to murder paragraphs of mysticism
Man plant seeds that brings forth multiple breeds
So many cultures on one planet but one culture's free
Son, I need weed to proceed
Change the flow speed I'm getting vexed Giuliani's is 666
There's no days for broke days selling smoke pays
I tote the chocolate and potent phillies never roach sprayed
Shit is a hassel, the bridge is like a haunted castle
The mic's my religion; the system is the Devil's lasso
And Yo, the trife life is the most influential
The colors on men's skins and pens is coincidental
How ya living large you broker, you're wasting time extortin' papers from smokers
Catching court papers getting broker