mardi, décembre 07, 2004

Two Words

Fat Woman
A Train

OK so I traipse the three long blocks from my job to the A train today since there was no M14 in sight. I hop on a not too crowded A Train and post up. There are no ads on the walls, and my discman is buried deep in my purse so I'm forced to stared at people albeit discreetly. I find myself facing a bigheaded woman just like myself cute though. I realize that she would not be cute without hair. I further dedicate myself to growing my hair long. I also notice she is contorted in her seat. I wonder why. I look at the woman on her right, a short stocky woman with a coloring that suggested central American heritage. She is similarly scrunched. What's going on here I ponder? Then I glance over at the mammoth of a woman sitting next to her and I understand why. Nevertheless when the pretty big headed woman gets up I decide I'll do a little booty perch on the seat since mad people are boarding which ensures I'll be shoved, pushed up on, coughed on and other annoying wholly inappropriate rotten cherries on top of the melted soy ice cream sundae that was my day at work.

You see I'm no model or athlete for that matter but I'm a respectable size 6 and have no ass so I should have been able to sit there but this woman's girth as indicated by the contorted positioning of big headed women and central American woman had been proven to be capable of inconveniencing not only her immediate neighbors but scores of others innocent MTA riders so I did the booty perch. You know when you don't lean back in the seat, in fact, you only allow an inch or two of your ass on the seat and balance your way through the ride. After I sit down. Fatty girls (or more appropriately fatty grown ass woman) says quite curtly can you please wait so I can get my coat up from under you! First I was not sitting on her coat. I wasn't sitting on virtually anything but air. However I understand that with all that flesh it can be difficult to see. Second what's up with the attitude. Normal sized people like myself should have been upset. Chubb Rockette took up damn near two seats. What the fuck! The honorable thing to do would have been for her to stand or at least apologize to the people she was making uncomfortable instead of being snide.

So I gave her the crazy face. My long extended appalled and disgusted series of stares and slow protracted head rolls culminating in an understated eye roll and self righteous sigh.

I'm not anti-fat but come on Chris, Chris, come on. She knows she was wrong.

OK I already feel bad about talking about this big woman but let's be real. Big people can't afford to be mean cause the first thing a person does when confronted by a mean big person is harangue them for being pork personified.

Aiight two new words
K. West
10 Nominations

Grammy nom's that is. DAMN!! (alkaholik style) Hopefully, this will help him recover from his bitterness over Gretchen Wilson's triumph at the AMA's.

I really want to hate. Really. Very deeply. I'm still rockin' a jansport and I'm on my second degree while Kanye's got an assortment of LV backpacks and he ain't got but one semester of school. I was inducted into every honor society even Phi Beta Kappa. I looked like Mrs. Tee on that fateful graduation day 2002 for all my honor cords and a negress is STRUGGLIN'. I should have dropped out.