vendredi, décembre 17, 2004

Exclusive SHIT

So we hit up the much talked about Table 50 last night. 'Been trying to get there for a minute esp. when the mighty Questlove was spinning but I havent been able to make it for whatever reason. Anyway last night was Devin's B-day so we hit it up. Wasn't nobody out, it was cold as hell and some white chick is (wo)manning the door. She makes eye contact with me as I'm crossing the street as if to say, "Bitch please! YOU know you're not getting in." But sometimes I can be naive so I marched to the front door and promptly got played as the white chick in the bubble goose explained, "Guestlist only tonight."

I wasn't even feeling Wyclefian, wasn't gonna pop any bullets figurative or real in her bubble goose but I knew Devin wanted in and her hookup at the door was nowhere to be found.

Anyway an hour and a half later (after a spill at a bar closer to school) we mosey on in behind some folks who somehow have clout at the door. We descend into the lair and are greeted by some fab music and a crowded scene. We make the rounds, see niggas rolling blunts by the dj booth, some wacksters disgracefully jumpin' and funkin', and some hasbeen rappers (hakim from channel live ring a bell). Nevertheless I had a good time cause the music was so damn good. Now if I could just figure out how to get on that damn guestlist it would be ON and (bottle) poppin'.