vendredi, avril 18, 2008

On the Media...

I only started reading HuffPo when Ferentz began contributing (although I've been aware of it since its launch) and I kind of like it.

Here is filmmaker Bob Cesca on the debate I didn't watch and my mom and everyone but Tony Kornheiser hated (besos to my sis for introducing me to Kornheiser's radio show) :
We like to joke about the "very serious" traditional media. The truth is that while they claim exclusive lordship over integrity and professionalism -- not to mention a corner on the world's supply of pants made of smarty -- they're really a freak show with serious haircuts and suits. They're a wing of the Republican corporatist conspiracy against America. And the very serious moderators of last night's Democratic debate couldn't have been less serious if they had been wearing clown suits made of dildos while simultaneously tickling each other with monkeys. (Click here to read the post in its entirety.)
Take that Charlie Gibson and former W.J. Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos (who, btw, spun the eve as a success) and gracias to Cesca for making my day. On a related note, I think I'm gonna phonebank for Barry O. this weekend but probably solo since I failed to sign up for one of the fêtes.