samedi, avril 05, 2008

I'm F***ing tired of Seth Rogen

The 40 year Old Virgin was entertaining in spite of itself but Judd Apatow et al are the absolute worst with the exception of Paul Rudd, whom I love* and just now realized was Cher's step-brother in Clueless. No more Seth Rogen (and I agree with the hedging Heigl about the gender trouble in Knocked Up), Jonah Hill and for God's sake, failed rapper Romany Malco. How long is he gonna play the hysterical Negro?! Both the gay and misogynist incarnations are stale and oh so problematic. And Tina Fey, who I never thought was funny on SNL, briefly redeemed herself on "30 Rock," has now demonstrated just how limited her comedic skills are as Baby Mama looks to be inane classist drivel and very very unfunny. Woe unto the fraternity and tiny sister sorority that is Hollywood and the asinine derivative views brought to life by its members.

Edit: Oh and this was my joint back in the day...Oh, the irony! Malco def. knows better:

* Rudd's performance in The Shape of Things and cameos on Reno 911 were particularly charming.