jeudi, février 07, 2008

You Gotta Love TJ

Quick notes on Henry Louis Gates' (I can't in good conscience call a Black man Skip) PBS Special "African American Lives II"

+I almost didn't watch but I'm glad I did. Unlike last year, this year was about historiography, not suspect pseudo-scientific estimations of Black people's racial composition.

+How crunk upon it was I for my favoritest Black public figure, Chris Rock. I loved the way he specified that this unknown family history would have precluded, "the inevitability that I was gonna be nothing." More on this as it relates to me another day.

+As to Don Cheadle's people's lot, DAMN!

+And the quote of all eternity goes to Tom Joyner: "I love loving black people and the way that black people love me back."

Now, I got to e-mail my cousin Beverly to fax me the family tree.