mardi, juin 09, 2009

The Listening: "Millions"


All my Facebook friends are commenting, liking and/or unliking , "What Single Women Can Learn From Michelle." I didn't care for its suggestion that single Black women need to get more realistic about their romantic prospects. It would be an insult to me to know that it took a dose of 'reality' for a guy to pursue me. I don't think that God intends us all to chase after the Gabrielle Unions/Morris Chestnuts and finding oneself with, let's say, an Alfre Woodard or a Joe Morton isn't a fail. We are individuals with unique chemistry and desires that we sublimate for other people's pretty sexy, cool.

As for Muhsinah's "Millions," I crack up every time I hear her begin with "You're close to spectacular." Style would call that a neg. Close to? Why qualify? Of course, Muhsinah follows with, "how on earth did you land next to me?" which empties it of all the funkiness. It's flattery. We get it. But it's also self-deprecating. Not that I haven't or couldn't still feel the same but why wouldn't mr. "close-to-spectacular" be right there next to her or me for that matter. Why wouldn't he chose her out of all of those seeds?

I think we can be present to superficiality, the standards of attractiveness and gender roles most of us have been bred to want, and still call shenanigans.

If I fall for dude with a penchant for highwaters and a less than regular appointment at the barber shop, that's not lowering my standards, that's love. And I love how the beat flips.

"Millions" [MP3]

"...Black music is Black music and it's all good."

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