dimanche, juin 07, 2009

The Listening: "I Need You"


I remembered I loved this song when I heard it today in Atomic Wings. Fret not, veteran vegetarian I remain, I just had to pee.

I've never purchased an Alicia Keys album even as I saw incoming freshman at Spelman crib her style and blast her debut from the campus' brick dorms many evenings, it wasn't 'til "You Don't Know My Name," that I was even compelled to download an mp3. Although I've seen her kill at Radio City Hall and sang along to "Unbreakable" on many a car ride with the fam or dusk walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, it might have taken hearing this song this sunny weekend workday to make me a believer. Maybe it's where I am right now. Maybe it's my penchant for the passionate or just a little latent neediness but "north needs south, east needs west and no needs yes, yes, yes. Up needs down, life needs death and no needs yes, yes, yes. I need you..."

I love the drums and keyboards.

"I Need You" [MP3]
Alicia Keys

"...Black music is Black music and it's all good." - Common

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