lundi, juin 08, 2009

The Listening: "360° (What Goes Around)"


"I don't dis' nobody to be be somebody. I just like to kick the flavor to make the people party."

I love everything about this song and accompanying video: the young men dancing (Brand Nubian always had the BEST dancing in their videos), the colorful polo shirts, the knapsack before backpacks had baggage, the jubilant party scene. I want to say Puba was a style icon but I used to see plenty of models in the style section of the Source in similar apparel. I read it faithfully and I still want a Helly Hansen jacket; I think it would set off a casual fall 'fit quite nicely.

More can be said of the video's party scene. The girls are clothed but that was the style then. What's most important is that they are not in great number gesticulating while paunchy rap entourages bust champagne bottles all over their baby oil gelled bodies (irrespective of Grand Puba admission that he "usually busts records on getting buck naked.") They're bopping from side to side like everyone else and the camera is rightly not trained on their physical assets. I don't think we should take the visual disparity between Puba's debut solo single and what we have been looking and listening to regularly since 'round about "Vivrant Thing"." Videos like this made me want to be a part of something, made me feel apart of something with no bitter aftertaste.

And then there is the music. Shit is straight buoyant (and it sourced Natural Resource's "Negro League Baseball.") Puba's a longstanding master wordsmith from penning Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's "The Creator" right on through his work with Brand Nubian. He integrates politics and play seamlessly and not only is his nasally voice distinctive but his judicious intonation too. His sense of humor and confidence seal the deal. I love Grand Puba.
"360 (What Goes Around) [MP3]
Grand Puba

"...Black music is Black music and it's all good." - Common

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