mardi, février 19, 2008

Whoop Dee Whoop Phobic

Pic swiped from YBF. Photog: Wargo

Erykah Badu absolutely murdered "Appletree" this evening during a taping for VH1 Storytellers. Building off a classic booty shake beat that will surely come to me later she revved up the ethical declamation, a longtime favorite of mine, to knee knocking exuberance. Standing up and dipping low were proscribed for the duration of the taping but I did as much seated as possible, swaying, foot tapping and clapping vigorously to the beast and hopefully that will win me and my verdant green scoop neck a millisecond of screen time.

I tell you its as if Badu crafted the set list especially for me: Dilla's "Dolar" (technically Steve Spacek's), a searing "...& On," that sick Girlfriends joint, "I Want You," "Honey," "Otherside of the Game", and the Karriem Riggins produced "Soldier." She also threw in "Didn't U Know", "Danger", new joint "Annie", a Madlib Production and a Shafiq of Sa-Ra production. I'm probably forgetting something. The band was tight especially the flautist/woodwind dude. Her outfit was cute. She had a red tee emblazoned with something about overdrafts and checks and cute purple pants. Can't wait till this airs. I hope it airs on regular VH1 'cause I don't have VH1 Soul.

In other Badu news: Tom Ford is charmed.