mercredi, janvier 09, 2008

Love & Theft

Not "OBummed" to borrow from Alex Blagg about Obama's second place finish in New Hampshire on account of Obama's inspiring "si si puede" speech to borrow from Jeff Chang. White mom and absentee Kenyan father aside, Obama has adopted the rhetorical devices of the African American church and according to this article borrowed heavily from his longtime Chicago pastor, Black liberation theologian Jeremiah Wright and it was awesome (Hillary Clinton, who likes to ape Black liturgical styles when she's pandering to negroes, offered up a speech that was pretty bland on its own. Comparatively, it was doo doo.) Obama chose to publicly distance himself from Wright on account of the fuss made by some white people extra paranoid about so called "reverse racism," which in many cases equals all that is not eurocentric, as they practice the regular kind relentlessly. But I'm posting because AmericaBlog linked this opinion piece by Stanford University professor Jon A. Krosnick, who asserts the discrepancy between the results and polls was because of "the order of candidates' names on the ballot and in the surveys." Read it for yourself.

And let me add that I'm one negress who don't care much for the Clintons. Remember Lani Guinier! With respect to our refusal to stand behind a viable Black candidate in the same way that by and large other ethnic groups (he mentioned Jews and Italians) stand behind their own reflections, on New Year's eve Chris Rock reaffirmed that we Black people are a bunch of self haters. And due to this collective low self-esteem brought on by institutionalized exploitation we stay getting seduced by interlopers. So Clinton is the first Black president 'cause he smoked weed, plays the sax and keeps an office in Harlem and a bevy of sideline hoes?! It's because so many white people so act the fool to Black people that when any white person (see Clinton, Justin Timberlake...) expresses an affinity for our communities or cultural production, we fall head over heels.

Now, I know that Obama's melanin doesn't promise anything, just look to Bush's sideline she-devil Condi Rice, but Obama's vision of America appeals to me despite his blindspots. I'm still reeling over him saying that his daughters shouldn't benefit from Affirmative Action 'cause they were privileged. Racism is no respecter of breeding or bank accounts and I'm tired of negroes saying this. It can help insulate but be advised fool ass bigots abound and will find you on the golf course, refuse you entrance to Hermès or trail you at Saks so blatantly that when you report the shoe salesman the store begs you to continue your patronage with sweet words and a gift certificate (true story. mine own.) As to the chi chi boutique saleslady who didn't want me to touch the clothes (for what I imagine was fear that my digits secreted chicken grease) as white browsers nearby tugged roughly at her precious merchandise, I received no such apology. That said I believe with a proper historical context on the Black experience and history of black thought in America, which even many Af-Ams don't have due to persistent black outs in our educational system, public and private, Obama will be straight.

In conclusion, I gave some more moolah to Obama yesterday. OBAMA '08!