mardi, janvier 01, 2008

Black Ambition: The Redux

A promo for "Everybody Hates Chris," one of my fav shows on TV

Today we chilled and welcomed the new year with some vegan Hoppin' John and tomorrow I'm back to work after a glorious week off but Monday night we were situated in the second row of Madison Square Garden for the Chris Rock show. Jilly from Philly's opening set was made unbearable due to the internal organ rattling bass. My eyelids literally hurt by sets end. It felt like I was in a stereo blaring hooptie.

“There were moments you could hear a pin drop, and that’s really what it’s all about,” he said. “Anybody can just say stuff and get people to scream. If you’re really good, you can get them to be quiet. Quiet is true ownership of the room.”

Chris Rock on seeing Eddie Murphy at MSG back in the day (Source)

Chris showed his rust tripping over a line or two and put me off by spouting some tired foolishness about Black women (I don't care that it was in jest) but many a pause you could have heard a pin drop. In fact, I was so eager for the punchlines I often found myself leaning in. Not too many celebrities in the building from where I could see other than the Rabbi from some Discovery Channel show seated next to my sister and Q-Tip with Amanda Diva and Pharoahe Monch and date who I later spotted separately on the way out. More at Hello, Babar.

Oh yeah and ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Feeling good about 2008. Hoping to make that feeling last...