mercredi, décembre 19, 2007

mas x-mas


I really want to go caroling. I told L'Erin. She told me to post a MySpace bulletin but I don't MySpace. I mean I'm on there on gp but I don't really do it. And I don't think anyone would respond anyway or probably not anyone whose caroling company I would enjoy. Facebook neither. I don't think I have any friends who would carol, which is pretty wack. I need to make more friends (.) who want to do shit like carol through Brooklyn for fun. I've also long wanted to play freeze tag in Fort Greene Park. If you're down, let me know. Maybe when the weather warms up. Ideally, I'd like to play tag in the dark like we used to Christmases in L'Erin's basement or nightime on camping trips but I don't know if it would be safe. I mean I've never felt unsafe in BK (nota bene: I've never been to east new york) but per my Fort Greene Google alert, it seems folk are getting mugged on the semi regular. I'm an amateur racewalker and apparently look "so mean" if we are to rely on the opinion of the city's male loiterers so I imagine I'm not the ideal muggee. So I guess the plan for the news is to translate the wants no matter how minor into memories moments. Memories don't live like people do.

Also I'm looking into becoming a tambourine lady. Please advise.