mardi, octobre 23, 2007

Great Scott

Christian Scott
Trumpeter Christian Scott performing last night at the Blue Note in NYC

Yesterday, I put up the first part of an interview I conducted with Christian Scott last week at VIBE. I'll post the second installment later today or early tomorrow. Last night, I caught his early set at the Blue Note with my friend who is a classmate of his twin brother at NYU film school. It was an incredible performance to a packed house. He's synthesized his varied influences in his writing and playing, which he speaks to in the interview over at VIBE, in lieu of aping aging jazz masters (although he has taken some cues from Miles.) His band mates, ranging in age from 20 to 27, play and dress the part, which in a silent way sort of explodes expectations of what a jazz player is supposed to be. The popular styles of dress (sleek and suited down) reflected in early and mid century America and by extension the era's jazz musicians are so replicated as to seem requisite. But Scott's 6-man band cut different figures (skull caps, dunks, GStars, etc...) that run counter to what so many people expect of jazz. But what's most impressive (and to many, unexpected) is his contemporary sound, which immediately resonates, especially to the sensibilities of the younger listener.

For more pics from last night, check the complete set of pics I took on Flickr.

Edit-Here is the set list: Anthem, Rewind That, MIA (a new song written a few days earlier for his girlfriend), The 9, Katrina's Eyes, Litany Against Fear

Scott's put out two good albums, Rewind That (2006) and Anthem (2007).