mardi, juillet 17, 2007

The Illusionist

When Common raps "while white folks focus on dogs and yoga" on "The People," MTV2 bleeps him. When Hurricane Chris raps "white folks, gangstas and them thugs" on "A Bay Bay," MTV2 doesn't bleep him. What's so different? Common's context is Black nationalist, Hurricane Chris's is Black slackness. Makes me wanna up and join MXGM. I dare say this disparity (seen before in other contexts) speaks to current day concerns about race, power and media. Visibility is not it. That's why I offer no kudos to this one or that one for "getting his" as so many of us are inclined to say. What is it that you are getting, Chris? More opportunities to post up and snap pics in the DJ booth? And Common, I love ya, but a message broadcast and subverted?

Black crusaders, mount up!

And last but not least a little something to ride to: "Racism (Blues in Double B-flat Minor)" - Gary Bartz [MP3]

(All of this was observed in an unfortunate and unpremeditated 10 minute viewing of MTV2's Sucker Free at just after 8 PM, 7/17/07.)