mercredi, mai 30, 2007

Rain Delay

So I was planning on sending texts and e-mails yesterday for a birthday/graduation/promotion spectacular at Fort Greene park this weekend but the weather is not cooperating. We've had so many great weekends recently but this coming one it's supposed to rain. Not to mention most everyone I know is in town this weekend (as opposed to Memorial Day weekend when everyone was gone) but as summer progresses that will most definitely change. I basically have to decide today if I'm gonna do something at my apt., which is good sized it's just that having it at my crib will require more work and the park, crabgrass and all, has got so much ambiance. I could theoretically tentatively hold it at my crib and migrate the party 2 blocks over to the park if the weather turned. I don't know. I'm thinking I should hold out but I got to check to see if people will still be around next weekend. I don't know. My dad would call this the paralysis of analysis.