jeudi, août 24, 2006

The World Goes 'Round

A lot is jumping off this weekend including the Jazz thing advertised in the previous post. I've been exceptionally exhausted recently and now my left ankle is swollen and my right knee is straight actin' up (first injured in the infamous heel clicking incident of '98). I recently returned to the gym (the Cobble Hill NYSC) as part of my "Get Right by Next Summer" plan. I'm 15 pounds heavier than I would like and greedier than ever (If you too eat like a runaway house slave throw your hands up with me). I think it has a lot to do with eating bread. I used to never eat bread or wheat or potatoes for that matter but I've started taking my lunch to work to save ends and it's a lot less time consuming to make a faux turkey sandwich vs. an elaborate quinoa and tofu melange with lightly sauteed vegetables. Of course I don't use microwaves so I eat my food lukewarm, (I don't put my food in the office refrigerator esp. since some sundry types drank up my soymilk) which doesn't work for every entree.
Anyway my whole purpose for coming here was to talk about this weekend's pauper- friendly roster of free events:

Tonight Dwele is at Marcus Garvey Park uptown.
I thought he put out one of the best and most coherent albums of 2005. And the extended flapjacks thread was hilarious.

Tomorrow Evening Algebra is at City Hall (with Teena Marie and atrociously bearded Lyfe) "U do it for Me" is a great song!)

Saturday Carol Riddick (straight stole the show on Musiq's Soulstar) et al take over Ft. Greene Park as part of Rhymes, Rhythms & Rituals Poetry Concert. Sounds amazing.

Roy Haynes, who has found his Fountain of Youth, will be at City Hall. That same evening he'll be at Dizzy's for 40 dollars. I would so be here but for the Charlie Parker Jazz fest uptown (see post below).

Jean and Talib take over City Hall at 5

Sunday the Charlie Parker Jazz fest moves downtown to Tompkins Square Park and Sonny Rollins will be at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park that evening.
I need to clean my apt. (out of town fam next weekend) and do laundry and rest and work. On a related note: I have not taken vacation this summer. I can feel it in my hyperextended knee, swollen ankle and pre-carpal tunnel wrist but what's buffering me today from bouncing off my office walls is "Morris Brown." It's so Atl (country, collegiate, cacophonous, coal black). For someone who came into herself in Southwest it really resonates. "I'm tipping my hat off to you baby."