mardi, août 01, 2006

dirty pretty things

And now we return to scheduled programming...

errybody know "i don't like beyonce." i have said it many times before. its not because she's a black stepford girlfriend. it's because she is so despicably shade sheist. bey, you're a star. you've got a good voice, incredible stage presence, inconceivable drive and discipline, and a knack for creating catchy if inspid singles and this is on top of your fair (and i mean that in the literal sense-fair is not a synonym for beautiful in my book although Beyonce is most certainly pretty) and flawless complexion, 5 figure blond mane and celebrated bootyliciousness. but still, but always, you have been so insecure about your stardom that you allegedly demanded that former members of Destiny's Child tan so you could pop brighter in photos and on stage. your hair doing mother allegedly purposefully damaged other members long (and notably less kinky) hair and your mom and you consistently design outfits that are unflattering on your model thin bandmates but suprisingly incredibly stunning on your non-traditional Popeyes Chicken enhanced body shape (that was pre Dreamgirls master cleanse fueled weight loss). And with regards to your sycophantic sidekick Kelly (who is obviously ever so grateful y'all took her in and saved her from the Hattie McDaniel in Gone With the Wind fate of her domestic mother) I wish she would holler at Iyanla and start over and fully exercise the possibility life outside of your shadow. but to hear of your decision to move up your iTunes pre-order date to coincide with Letoya's release was a shocker. why can't you just be happy and enjoy your luxuriant vacations with the the aged man-boy with whom you have no romantic chemistry? huh. also simulating giving head to your indifferent boyfriend in a video after kicking up dust in an apparent meth fueled African dance exhibition gone wrong is not a good look (also josephine baker was peforming steretotype for her fans because black stardom at the time generally demanded it...she knew what she was doing as troubling as that was but saw little other option...bey, do you have any clue what you are doing? do you even understand how josephine baker's performance was governed by black primitivism?). i'll take britney over you any day and she can't sing* although obviously the only pop star worth listening to, at present, is Aguilera.)

*full disclosure-me and brit were internet buds in the late nineties.

i don't want to talk about lebanon right now but let's reconsider our definition of terrorist which a former Reagan cabinet member explained on DN! was revised repeatedly since the first draft implicitly indicted methods used the u.s. let's meditate on the premature death of the children killed the other day, the civilians, the un aid workers intentially bombed last week. how is the death of children whom israel bombed not israel's fault? as Robert Fisk said on DN! yesterday compare hezbollah to the ira? you think Tony Blair would ever consider bombing the hell out of Dublin to root out the IRA? Hell's no.

and bs apologies aside noone should see another mel gibson film nor should anyone watch the view (barbara walters comments to her black guest hosts are just cherries on top of the racist sundae she spoon fed a stunned lisa ling each morning during her ling's tenure) nor should folk rock shaq jersies-did he ever apologize for that yao ming racist ish? i'm tired of people only getting riled up if those slighted look like themselves. wrong is wrong.

i want to get on here and talk about sunshine, good friends or boy lust (see above vid) but i'm too busy for that so i just get on here when the troubles of the world are too much and i vent. and yes beyonce is a trouble of the world. soon i will be done? probably not.