mardi, avril 25, 2006

So Seductive

"The need to be perfect is driven by a white supremacist society that obscures its own pathology."

-From Michael Eric Dyson's "Rethinking Black Identity" lecture at Boston College on January 31, 2005.
Dyson* deconstructs the hip hop binary (positive hip hop vs. negative hip hop) and waxes eloquently as expected. I am constantly amazed by this man's intellectual breadth and linguistic facility. I took issue with the title* of one of his earlier books, Why I Love Black Women because it suggests, No!, rather it asserts that one must have a reason for loving black women and that those reasons, not being explicit, must be conveyed to the not yet weaned but contemptuous multiculti masses. Or to quote Dyson out of context from this lecture:

“Even the choice of metaphor in the broader network of race in America belies certain prejudice.”

I'm certain of his benign intent but nevertheless the title has and continues to irk me. Nevertheless, I'm grateful to have stumbled upon this lecture. Boston College has streaming video and audio up. I strongly recommend it.

And another choice MED quote :
"Cam'ron's flow is ridiculous on Purple Haze."
*Dyson reminds me of Kanye or vice versa in this lecture. It has something to do with transcending self-consciousness and/or a fondness for unexpectedly breaking out in rhyme.
** I did not read the book and have no commentary on its content. My issue was with the title and the message it communicated albeit unintentionally.