vendredi, février 10, 2006

Real People of Ignorance

BBB Junior & Senior
Whitney Houston's husband, R&B crooner Bobby Brown, has enough troubles, but he should check out what his kids are up to on the Internet.

He might need a tranquilizer after reading the profile of his 16-year-old daughter, LaPrincia - whose mom is Brown's ex-girlfriend Kim Ward.

The teen, who lists her favorite alcoholic beverage as Smirnoff raspberry vodka, entertains a battery of off-color questions:

"Would you ever be an exotic dancer?"

"Ohh yess," LaPrincia answers.

"Have you ever danced like a whore?" "Yess all the time."

More innocently, she also confesses to streaking, kissing a girl and skinny-dipping.

Fourteen-year-old Bobby Jr. - also Ward's child - boasts on his profile: "i can read but i choose not to."

Twelve-year-old Bobbi Kristina, Bobby's daughter with Whitney, used the toe-curling screen name "nimpho babby," and wrote: "i love swimmin with hot guys lol (memories), i love makingout, i love cheerleading, i love driving, and last but not least i love BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!!!!!!!!" Her profile was removed recently after bloggers outed her celebrity parentage.

Meanwhile, Sean Combs' 11-year-old son, Justin (screen name: "microdiddy") lists his favorite rapper. It's not his dad, but 50 Cent. He reveals that he likes "sports, girls, football, girls, football, and girls." Pastimes? "i like to chill wit my peeps.....chill wit my fam."

Justin's big brother Quincy, 14, lists "Napoleon Dynamite" as his favorite movie, but apparently isn't big on books - which are "retarted/Stupid." He isn't big on spelling, either.

Guess it doesn't matter when your income is, as both of Diddy's kiddies claim, "250,000 or higher."
From Lloyd Grove's Low Down
The prize goes to Bobby Brown, Jr., though for this prideful pronouncement:
"i can read but i choose not to."
To be fair BBB Jr. is no worse than the so-styled new and refined JayHova whose pronouncement in RS, that the reason he hasn't read any of the James Joyce novels famed architect Frank Gehry sent him is because he doesn't read fiction (edit: initially mispoke/wrote non-fiction. jigga knows the difference). Talk about a transparent attempt to cloak willful, hip hop endemic (although not exclusive) ignorance as idiosynchratic (and always authentic) artistry. LeVar Burton, wherever you are, we need you.

Hov pic via C&D