mardi, août 02, 2005

...mama don't you cry just remember me ballin', ballin'

So the wedding was beautiful. Although I'm quick to cry, weddings don't generally trigger the tear ducts. Luckily Sat. I didn't wear any mascara. M & J jumped the broom right smack dab where they met as engineering students at A&T. Matt was so happy! For real. He smiled hard all weekend. I haven't seen Matt smile like that in a long time and never for so long. He deserves it. He's good people. No he's exceptional people. Genuine. "A walking PSA." Shaun and Jacobe, 2 of the three best men, said it well during the toasts. The Seatown crew/village chirren done grown up. Wierd, huh? On the slide show at the reception there was a pic of Me, Matt and Shaun my freshman year sitting in front of the post office. I had a headwrap on. I forgot I ever wore headwraps. But back to the subject at hand: Niggas ducked when Matt threw the garter. It landed on the ground. When Janeria threw her bouquet (I don't participate in such things. I sat drinking champagne chatting it up with Chinua) chicks were throwing bows and exhibiting some respectable if previously dormant verticle leaps. Predictable.

Lest not we forget I got my electric slide on at the reception. Couldn't break it down like I wanted to no thanks to the teetolling Marc Jacobs but I did my best. Brooke and I poorly executed our poorly choreographed moves but we did the hard Beyonce dance/walk damn good. My mama did her thug thizzle. The Pops performed. Zinda visibly mimed their moves from the wings. Funniest ish ever!

Umm, also, old black folks (except of course DC Murrryland old black folk) can't dance to Rich Harrison. "1 thing" cleared the dancefloor. You can't two step/funky chicken whatever else old black people do to all that frenetic stutter/stop percussion. Matt and Janeria danced to "In a Sentimental Mood." Classy choice. It's gotten me all girly (for a moment) thinking about what song I want me and the chosen manchild to dance to at our reception. I have thought about this before in addition to my chirren's names and I don't even love the kids. Maybe I'm pre-programmed but I'm gonna abstain from self analysis for the moment. Anyway here are the contenders as of right now:
"Let's Chill" ~ Guy
Maybe a little urban (read: ghetto), was my shit in elementary
"Love U For Life" ~ Jodeci
ditto re: urbanity (this song doesn't sound right without hearing "Fallin'" first), "U&I" is my 2nd choice.
"You're My Alter Ego" ~ Mark Murphy
classiest choice
"Happier Than The Morning Sun" ~ Stevie Wonder
might be too somber, "As" is too cliche, "All Day Sucker" might be too raunchy, "I Love Every Little Thing About You" is beautiful but may be a little too obvious.
"Until" ~ Cassandra Wilson
may also be too somber.
"I Know You, I Live You" ~ Chaka Kahn
I f#$king love this song but it's love narrative isn't quite reciprocal.
"Forever in Your Eyes" ~ Mint Condition
"Rhythmn of Life" ~ Kindred
Really resonates. Could segue into uptempo King Britt Remix and open up the dancefloor.
"Love Ballad" ~ L.T.D.
"On Our Own"~ Bobby Brown
just wanted Bobby to be on here
"It's Love" ~ Jill Scott
diluted and danceable gogo.
"Stay This Way" ~ Brand New Heavies
"Angel of Mine" ~ Monica
I know its cornball but so am I.
"4-Ever" ~ Lil Mo
just kiddin,' not really, but I'd be too embrarassed to dance to this on account of its unbridled urbanity
"I Belong to You" ~ Lenny Kravitz
At some point during the actual ceremony (no walkie down aisle/no manly exchange of human property): the following songs will be performed by the definitive recording artists: "Africa" & "Someday I'll Find You."

Oh yeah and the major radio down here in NC plays the hell out of Camp Lo's "Gotcha." I don't listen to the radio back home but I'm pretty sure Lo ain't getting spins. Refreshingly surprising to see a great song like that break through these imprenetrable and wack payolaed playlists.