mercredi, juin 22, 2005

Try to munch that

Skeevee [mmmmmm] delicious
Gimme couscous love me good
Uhh damn
Hollis to Hollywood but is he good?
I Guess like the jeans...Uhh
Flava like pralines
Sick daddy knawmean?
Papa love it when he does it
Niggas buzz it
But tell me was it really just the flava that be clogging your ears
The most safest behavior is to stay in the clear
It's all for you...It's really all for you
[Now what?]
Punch back
Close your eyes try to munch that
Oil up your ankles let your Timbs tap
Bite the flava it reacts to your gold caps
Word to mama
I tongue kiss a piranha
Electrocute a barracuda...I'm here to bring the drama